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Completing The Latin American Innovation And Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The Latin America entrepreneurial ecosystem has developed significantly during the last decade. Today, Latin American entrepreneurs can benefit from multiple financing alternatives from both public and private sectors. The Latin American ecosystem has proven to be a fertile ground for … Continue reading

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Latin American Innovation And Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Will Be Incomplete Until Exits Become Ordinary Occurrences

Introduction: Incomplete Latin American Ecosystem From Chile to Mexico over the last decade, the Latin American Region (LatAm) has joined the Global Entrepreneurial Revolution in full force. Inspired by entrepreneurial developments in Chile––including the now notorious Start–Up Chile seed/acceleration program … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Grapes and Wines: Any imminent disruption?

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to spend a day in Sacramento at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium (Jan 23-25th 2018). It was a fascinating experience. I have participated in dozens, and possibly hundreds of, conferences … Continue reading

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Reflecting on our journey building the first VC fund in Argentina’s interior

In 2011, I was one of five general partners (GPs) who joined[1] forces to start Alaya Capital Partners in Córdoba, the capital city of Argentina’s interior (and my home city).  Just last Thursday (11/16/2017) at the Alaya Investor Day, we … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the Giga-Unicorn Opportunities Offered by the Health Care Business

I often engage in light hallway conversations with my students in between classes. Recently, while discussing the wealth accumulated by some tech entrepreneurs, I said half-jokingly that we didn’t have any trillionaires yet… Actually, since the heydays of the modern-day … Continue reading

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Innovation and upward mobility across the socioeconomic pyramid: A reason for optimism or pessimism?

This past week, I woke-up on November 9th to learn the election results of the nasty 2016 US presidential election. The results prompted me to finish this post that was already in the making for some time. While for many this … Continue reading

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Innovation: Impetus for Global Resentment?

Seismic global events such as Brexit, the rise of nationalistic movements, or Trump’s nomination as the Republican presidential candidate here in the United States, are not isolated phenomena, but actually have something in common: both appeals to citizen fears. Over … Continue reading

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